March 11, 2009


what does womanhood feel like? and what does womanliness look like? when are you officially a woman, and how do you become one? what does a woman do for herself everyday? how does she care for herself? how does she see herself?

*she nurtures her creativity, in whatever way it comes to or from her.
*she cleans her body and hair and home with love.
*she reads...books, plays, articles, maps. blogs, short stories, essays, scribbles, poems, novels...any and all.
*she communes with her spirit.
*she commits to personal transformation and constant growth.
*in her own time, with attention and care she makes time for herself. and with love and patience *she will craft, organize her home, garden, cook, draw, paint, sculpt or build or sing or knit or write or dance.
*she can see the end in the beginning.
*she can love like a river.

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