March 29, 2009

"do not think
the peace of the world
an ideal impossible to attain!"
- Bahai'i Writings

March 27, 2009


some people just walk around, lookin fly, doin it big all day long. riding a bike in a tailored suit, preppy tweedy layers, hat & scarf & 4inch heels on nyc pavement, love the denim under a blazer and the shoes, and those girls up there make me think of my girls and smile.
these photos were taken by one of my favorite photographers, The Sartorialist.


happy birthday beautiful dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


colorful, tiny heart shaped bean pillow fun. crafts from the purl bee.

March 26, 2009


If my husband and I could morph into one being, this definitely would epitomize JOY and DELIGHT for us; the coming together of two beautiful forces... THE CHANEL FISHING KIT!! complete with double c flies, a cute leather case for the fishing line, a classic quilted leather case, and of course the chain & leather straps. So basically, a beautifully enormous CHANEL leather bag (me) filled with fishing gear (my husband). We two would be so happy.


This is a beautiful playhouse designed by judith needham, HANDCRAFTED out of english willow and made especially for children to play in, in the garden. How perfect is this?!
Found this photo on poppytalk.

March 25, 2009


"the couple," by Ashley G. she has an etsy shop...


printed scarves by EPICE.


i am REALLY into pillows right now. these are new from missoni bedding.

March 20, 2009


I love these drawings by kate bingaman-burt.
she creates drawings of her daily purchases
& documents them on her site,


found this on beauty everyday,
a website dedicated to
"southern beauty, creativity & food!"


Sleeper! Wake up now! Your lover is here!
Get up
, and brush the cobwebs off your hair.
Look! Your sweet love has come with love for you.
Wake up, dead lover! Your loved one is here.
The doctor of mercy stands by your bed.

Get up! Get up! No more grief, no more tears!
You -- still cold from your long separation --
will now enbrace your love! That much is clear!
So wan, so worn, and wasted by the Fall --
Get up! Get up! At last the Spring is here.
It's New Year's Day. Life is calling for you.
Rise up, you corpse of every dead, past year!

— Tahirih, outtake from "Tahirih A Portrait in Poetry"

March 19, 2009


thursday 19 march.

day and night by kid cudi is my jam today. i may be the only person in the world who hadn't seen the video until ten minutes ago...but i love this video! i want to walk around in animation all day long too.

just had dinner with my ladies followed by a nice conversation about spiritual things with the manager of the restaurant. then we left and walked to MILK and enjoyed tea and desserts. i love my ladies.

i learned from my acupuncturist today that alfalfa sprouts contain pretty much all of the vitamins you need & to consume them daily would be like taking a multi-vitamin. you can eat them, juice them or sprinkle them in a powder form. excellent!

i was reminded today that although the sight of dishes piling high in your sink is daunting, once you get started, its not so bad.

March 12, 2009


we just got home from a lovely dinner with friends and i've decided to add a few things to my previous post about womanliness.

* my dear friend Mina baked two WHOLE fish for her guests, served with buttered acorn squash & salad. made two kinds of pasta, people - both wheat AND wheat free options (i was the only wheat free guest, so yes she did in fact make an entirely different (delicious) pasta for me made of quinoa and corn, sauteed with portabello mushrooms and zuchini, smothered in a cream sauce made with only nuts). AND dessert (i was the only sugar and dairy free guest, so yes she did graciously prepare a dish of fresh strawberries and bananas covered with melted dark chocolate and baked pears while everyone else enjoyed some entemann's chocolate cake and ice cream!)

wow. thats hospitable. thats thoughtful. thats loving. thats womanliness.

March 11, 2009


what does womanhood feel like? and what does womanliness look like? when are you officially a woman, and how do you become one? what does a woman do for herself everyday? how does she care for herself? how does she see herself?

*she nurtures her creativity, in whatever way it comes to or from her.
*she cleans her body and hair and home with love.
*she reads...books, plays, articles, maps. blogs, short stories, essays, scribbles, poems, novels...any and all.
*she communes with her spirit.
*she commits to personal transformation and constant growth.
*in her own time, with attention and care she makes time for herself. and with love and patience *she will craft, organize her home, garden, cook, draw, paint, sculpt or build or sing or knit or write or dance.
*she can see the end in the beginning.
*she can love like a river.

March 9, 2009


my mom took these photographs the other night of a man on his fantastic bike of lights. a festive way to ride through downtown LA.

sunday was lovely ~ went to LACMA with my folks and husband to see Art of Two Germanys/Cold War Cultures; I almost cried about 4 times while passing through the galleries of
paintings, sculptures, photography, installations and mixed media. Now that could be because I was fasting and sleep deprived, or because I was completely moved by this exhibition of German artists who created art during/just after the Cold War.

"There is an unseen sweetness in the stomach's emptiness." - RUMI

This past monday marked the first day of the Baha'i fast; a period of 19 days of fasting, prayer and meditation, realigning, rebalancing, refreshing and rejuvenating.
Its my favorite time of the year. i wake up before dawn to eat and drink and pray, then fast until sunset, at which time i eat, drink and pray again. this year, for the first time in the 15 years i've been fasting, i have a loving partner to experience this with, my husband! its amazing to have a companion in the mornings to wake up with during the wee hours of morning! there is a sweetness in that hour before dawn; the true delight is when i hear the first bird song of the morning, its precious!
happy fasting!