August 30, 2008

::::beautiful losers::::

after seeing this beautiful film yesterday afternoon at the Nuart, i cannot recommend enough that you....

and if you find yourself in san francisco.....

August 27, 2008

my blueprint

i have come to many realizations. It is okay for me to be myself, as I was created to be. I dont live for my career, I value work as worship. I live for heart to heart connections, personal transformation, service to the world of humanity, learning and love. I was designed with love and purpose, import and care. My job is to shine, beam those qualities that I have been given, and shine them in the way I was designed to shine them, whatever that may look like. I was born with a connection to my Creator and I know that we all were. I know that I serve through my heart. Its my job. my noble purpose. my mission. my asignment. and I'm honored to serve, to be, to live, to work, to know this truth.

the blacklist


                                                                        toni morrison

                                                    faye wattleton                                                      

russell simmons

my mom and i watched volume 1 of an incredible film on hbo called the blacklist.  a series of interviews and portraits of african-american leaders, activists, artists and athletes, discussing their personal stories and covering the wiiiide range of experiences of being black in america.  a collaboration of photographer timothy greenfield-sanders (who directed the film) and journalist elvis mitchell.

Love in the Air

while reading one of my favorite blogs, my favorite color is shiny, i learned about a balloon wish release that took place all over the world last week. in honor of two lovely people, Stephanie and Christian, who were injured in a private plane crash and are now in what is expected will be a several month long recovery, their close family and friends and blog readers and inspired ones were invited to release balloons on the same day, with prayers, notes, thoughts of well wishes, healing and love attached.  so moving. my love and thoughts and prayers go out to Stephanie and Christian!   

August 12, 2008

::::athletes olympians heroes:::::

in the spirit of tournaments, opens, meets, heats, challenges and games.

the poem of my day

And I have become
Like two giant fat people living
In a tiny

Keep bumping into
Each other


~ Hafiz