June 18, 2008

inspired wednesday

full day! and its only 2:30pm! love days like these. my husband and i got up early this morning, but then decided 8am was just too early for me today...then woke up again at 10:30am to my phone ringing loudly. i was happy to hear from nicolas, but little did he know he interupted a fantastic dream in which melody, yaani and i were just about to learn the dance routine in a Googoosh music video!  ah well, maybe i can pick up where i left off when i go back to the land of spirit tonight. got dressed and went to brunch with two dear friends. im full of joy from the lovely company and conversation and from my ahi tuna tacos with potato salad. nicolas played a game of you-pick-up-the-things-i-throw with a cute baby in a highchair next to our table. alexis shared about the cool art opening she went to last night. oh and enlightened me about Banksy. nicolas showed us the spring issue of Me Magazine that he's in with Rodarte on the cover.  plus we got to be outside in this pretty weather. back home now. back to work i go. 

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