June 25, 2008


love this clock by thorunn arnadottir! how creative! 
the whole necklace represents one solar day. each bead represents 5 minutes. the red and orange beads are the whole hours. the silver bead is midnight and the gold bead is noon!
AND you can wear it as a necklace!
(thanks for sharing, innumerable goods*)


Anonymous said...

i love your thoughts and your artistic influences, you are a true inspiration. i look forward to reading many more posts to come.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Akia, I stumbled across you while checking out Melody's site. What a beautiful blog you have! I love this clock/necklace you posted about, what wonderful creativity. Hope all is well with you. Nice to find you here. Love, Elizabeth (married to your buddy Ashkon, in case you were wondering who I am!)

agp said...

thanks elizabeth!!