June 25, 2008

one to grow on

my great aunt's birthday was monday, she turned 82 years old. every year for my birthday since i can remember, my auntie has sent me a check, she matches every year of mine to the dollar, plus one year to grow on.  she's been doing this for everyone in the family for ages. this year, she asked not to be given any gifts; no clothes, no shoes or hats, scarves, etc. because she already has all of these things and doesn't wear half of them anyway she says. so instead of getting a bunch of "things" this year, each of her children gave her 83 dollars! $82 plus one to grow on. Now she can buy whatever she wants and needs*
so happy birthday auntie!
these pics were taken in one of my favorite places in the world, my great auntie and grandmother's home in chicago, il.

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Alexis said...

What beautiful details! I think I have to go out and buy 95 coffee mugs...